Pet Dental USA

Where every month is dental month for your pet!

Make an appointment for any of our services. We are open Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 5:00pm. Our phone number is 928-772-1181.

Dental Services for Your Pet

We offer free dental exams. We will determine if cleaning is needed and cost. We recommend that you get your pet's teeth cleaned before they need extractions. Don't wait until it is an emergency. While dentistry is being performed, other surgeries or services (lump removal, ear cleaning, grooming) may be done, with prior approval.

Our dental procedures are done under light, general anesthesia that is fully supervised by a veterinarian and trained technical staff. Having the patient anesthetized is the only way to properly clean above and below the gum line, acquire dental x-rays and perform oral surgery.

Blood work may be recommended or required by the veterinarian prior to performing any anesthetic or dental procedure. This, along with the physical exam, helps insure the patient's organs are functioning well enough for anesthesia. The veterinarian reserves the right to decline to perform any procedure, based on the pet's current or past health issues.

Follow-up exam after extractions included to evaluate healing.

Wellness Care for Your Pet

We offer a free wellness exam with dental service. Our services include,

We offer Heartgard, Nexgard (for fleas,ticks), and Frontine at prices lower than online. We also perform labwork. We offer low cost heartworm, FeLV/FIV, fecal exam, and pre-anesthetic bloodwork panels.

Chiropractic Care for Your Pet

We offer chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Redmon. She has 18 years of experience helping pets move and feel better. A spinal manipulation will help many conditions and overall health. $45 Chiropractic evaluation and adjustment

Pediatric Spay or Neuter

Puppies and kittens should be spayed by six months of age — before they reach maturity and the girls go into heat. That is our limit, no older.

Grooming Services for Your Pet

We offer routine nail trims, anal gland expression and ear cleanings by appointment.