Scottsdale, AZ

Dental Care and Other Services

Pet Dental USA has two clinics conveniently located in Peoria, AZ and Prescott Valley, AZ. In addition to affordable pet dental care, we offer other small surgical procedures, vaccines, lab testing, chiropractic care, and spay and neuter services.

Our primary goal is to remove pain and infection from your pet’s mouth and prevent future health problems



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Pricing for Dental Services

Our dental services start at $199 and vary depending on how many teeth, and what type of teeth, that may need to be extracted.

My experience with Pet Dental far exceeded my expectations. The entire process from initial consultation to picking up my dog was done professionally and with great care and concern for my dog and me. I’m totally impressed with the end result of my dogs cleaning. He seems happier and I know he’s healthier having years of tartar and plaque removed.

The staff including the doctor’s were friendly and professional. They took as much time as needed to explain what would happen.

I would highly recommend Pet Dental for pet dental needs. We go to the dentist regularly to maintain our health and animals wouldn’t be any different. I’ll be taking my dog Sam regularly to prevent disease and extractions.

Pat G.