Our Gilbert Team

Dr. Mead – Owner and Veterinarian

Dr. Mead’s heart beats for veterinary dentistry and connecting with clients. Graduating from vet school in 2017, she’s embraced a deep commitment to dentistry ever since. Just like a Kerry Blue Terrier, she’s a bundle of boundless energy and intelligence.

As the first franchise owner of a Pet Dental USA, she’s not only a leader but an advocate for accessible and high-quality dental care. She’s thrilled to carry on the mission of providing affordable, yet exceptional dental care to her cherished patients.

Dr. Mead’s has particular interest in feline dentistry,
and her dedication to teaching clients about the importance of periodontal disease care is unwavering. With a passion for educating others, she empowers her clients with knowledge about the long-term effects of untreated periodontal disease. Her commitment extends beyond treatment, encompassing prevention and understanding for the well-being of furry companions.

Alongside her dental expertise, Dr. Mead’s heart is shared with a bunch of goats, two lively kids named Baker and Harley, two adored dogs, and her life partner, Ryan. Her holistic approach to life and work is a true testament to her compassionate and knowledgeable care.

Pet Dental USA Headshot Dr. Meade
Pet Dental USA Headshot Audra

Audra – Lead Veterinary Technician

Audra, our lead veterinary technician, is the heart and soul of daily surgical tasks and post-op care. With a decade of experience in the veterinary field, her skills and insights are the bedrock of our practice. Resembling the astute nature of a border collie, Audra is as organized as she is smart. She’s the driving force behind our daily tasks and is Dr. Mead’s trusted right-hand woman. Having transferred from our Scottsdale location, her journey to our Gilbert branch brings with it a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence. Audra’s aspirations include attending veterinary school, and she is also a proud mom to Berkley her only daughter.

Debby – Veterinary Technician

With the grace and playfulness reminiscent of a golden-doodle, Debby brings her joyful spirit to her role as a veterinary technician. Her career journey took a unique turn, transitioning from a flight attendant to become an integral part of our team. Her calm demeanor and experience in handling high-pressure situations enrich the care we provide. Debby’s warm heart radiates as she interacts with everyone, creating an atmosphere of comfort and care for our patients and clients alike.

Pet Dental USA Headshot Debby
Pet Dental USA Headshot Keila

Keila – Veterinary Technician

As sleek and smart as a black cat, Keila’s expertise from our Prescott Valley location has made her an exciting addition to our Gilbert team. Her quick thinking and skills enrich the care we provide to our furry patients.

Fermin – Veterinary Assistant

With a personality as vibrant as an orange tabby, Fermin is known for his kindness and love for Dutch Bros coffee. As a valuable veterinary assistant, he brings enthusiasm and a caring touch to our team.

Pet Dental USA Headshot Fermin
Pet Dental USA Headshot Lorrie

Anita – Veterinary Technician

Anita, our office’s very own corgi of wit and charm! With a wagging tail and a quick mind, Anita brings a delightful sense of humor to everything she does including her role as a veterinary technician. She’s the go-to for clever solutions and never fails to brighten our day with her witty remarks. When she’s not spreading joy with her humor, you’ll find her exploring new adventures or napping.

Lorrie – Lead Administrator and Receptionist

Lorrie, our lead administrator, and receptionist, moved from our Scottsdale location to help launch our Gilbert branch. Much like a quarter horse, she embodies versatility, beauty, speed, agility, and loyalty, making her an essential part of our team’s success.

Pet Dental USA Headshot Fermin
Pet Dental USA Headshot Lorrie

Julie – Veterinary Receptionist

Julie, our dynamic force and real estate extraordinaire is our newest receptionist! With the tenacity of an Afghan hound, Julie brings honesty and flair to every deal. She’s the go-to for imaginative solutions and a champion of authenticity in every transaction. When she’s not crafting magic in the real estate world, you’ll find her exploring new trails or curled up with a good book.