About Us

Who is Pet Dental USA

Pet Dental USA was founded in 2014 by Dr. Jennifer Redmon with the help of many, including her husband, Brian. Dr. Redmon had one goal in mind – providing affordable, quality dental and wellness care for dogs and cats everywhere. Together, they hope to expand Pet Dental USA to many locations, educating pet owners everywhere on the importance of routine dental care.

Dr. Redmon believes that dental care is extremely important to the health of the entire pet. We all want our pets to live longer, happier lives. We all know how painful dental problems can be. Dr. Redmon’s goal in performing pet dentistry is to remove pain and infection, when necessary, and prevent further damage. Dental infection can spread to other areas of the body, create immune responses that can damage distant organs, and cause chronic pain and fatigue. Many owners report how much better their pet feels, more energy, more playful, more social – even though they never realized their pet felt bad. Our pets are experts at hiding their pain.

Watch the short video below to learn more about Pet Dental and the passion behind providing affordable dental care. 

Dr. Jennifer Redmon

Dr. Redmon graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine at the top of her class in 1992. She has been a small animal doctor her entire career, though she loves trail riding horses in her free time.

Veterinary Care Foundation

Pet Dental USA is proud to be part of the Veterinary Care Foundation. Clients, friends, and family can donate (100% tax-deductible) to this non-profit organization and 100% of donated funds will go directly to supporting our patients to get necessary, recommended, quality care that is not affordable for them at this time.

My 8 yr old Yorkie had his first dental extractions and cleaning 12/20, after suffering really bad periodontal disease. From his first visit, they were able to assess his mouth with very detailed photos, and give us a estimate for the whole treatment. I was so happy to have found this place! their customer service is great, pricing is affordable, and provided great hospitality before and after treatment. He was sent home with an antibiotic & pain reliever, now he is 2 weeks post-op and is doing great! His breath is fresh and teeth are shiny & clean. I will continue to use them for his yearly cleanings! Thank you Pet Dental!

Alexandria G.

I could not imagine my cat being in better hands. My poor baby ended up having to have all of her teeth extracted due to advanced periondotitis and lesions. All the staff that I encountered were polite and professional. 4 weeks out and my 11 yo cat has more energy and is back playing daily as if she were a kitten again. I am truly grateful towards Dr. Mead and her staff for taking such good care of my kitty.!

Caily O.